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Torre Calderina Natural Oasis

Villaggio Lido Nettuno overlooks Torre Calderina natural oasis, a very important preferential site in migratory routes of birds, flying along Apulia Western coasts, thanks to damp areas such as the near Cala Pantano.

Sea environment is rich in nature peculiarities and in environmental emergencies. Gathering different sea ecosystem: vegetable organisms and water plants such as Cymodocea nodosa, typical of infralittoral system, and limestone rock, it gives shelter and nourishment to shellfish, echinoderms, crustacean and young fish …even the delicate seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus) has found here his ideal habitat.

Into the waters off the coasts, on the other hand, at the sunset it is possible to see a group of dolphins (Tusiops truncatus) approaching the coast to rest after a long day spent on the scent of fishing boats. Also if you skirt the Northern part of the village it is possible to swim near underwater caves, favourite site of Corvine (Sciaena umbra).

Having this heritage under the eyes, our task becomes essential, i.e. protecting and safeguarding nature and existing organisms throughout preservation of this wonderful site and monitoring, also benefiting from the co-operation of different Environmental Associations such as “TERRAE” , a Centre of Studies and Environmental Education, “OPHRYS” Environmental Education Centre, “MAREVIVO” Association, “Mondo Sommerso” and others.

Effective interventions are carried out at Torre Calderina natural oasis in order to reach this prestigious goal! An example is the separate waste collection, environmental education campaign having as a theme, small everyday helpful gestures to preserve our environment. Indeed only throughout sensitizing especially the new generations, we can hope to acquire a global environmental consciousness. Every action and every choice have consequences on the environment we all share: what we eat and drink, garbage we produce and material we use…. Our “passage” leaves a mark… under the name of “ecological footprint”.

Torre Calderina natural oasis has the goal of leaving the smallest ecological footprint on the land…. That is why we choose environmental low-impact materials, wood instead of destructive and invasive plastic and biodegradable material for “single-use” products such as cutlery, dishes and containers, packaging decrease without plastic bottles, promoting short supply chain and 0 km products!!! The policy is to reduce waste, transport of raw materials and carbon dioxide emission.

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