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Only throughout knowledge it is possible to preserve and safeguard a land. It is therefore fundamental making lesser careful people knowing the beauties and the peculiarities that our land hides, in order to spread out the importance of protection and in order to get an environmental consciousness!

Our mission is to explore sea environment in the full respect of the nature, engaging as many people as possible. Into the sea, we simply are guests and, as such, we must “tipfin” into the sea with the utmost respect for all inhabitants of our precious miniature ocean!

Ecologia e subacquea

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Baby Diving

Also younger people can start to face the extraordinary underwater world with detailed programs suitable for different ages, with activities from snorkelling to baby scuba diving courses throughout lessons approaching apnoea, under the guide of diving professional instructors.


At Torre Calderina natural oasis we organize scuba diving courses according the ISS (International Scuba School) and ANIS CMAS didactics (also recognized by the Army in some contexts) with training programs from the first level course (Open Water Diver) to advanced courses with different specialties. They are aimed at creating responsible scuba divers respecting the sea environment.

We also arrange guided diving into the water mirror in front of Torre Calderina in order to watch animals and plants populating these waters. Moreover we are carrying out a series of monitoring activities for an even closer comprehension of this wonderful sea and of all marvels hidden into the deep.

Specialties Courses

That is why we arrange specialties’ courses together with Underwater Shooting Courses and Stages together with the Underwater Film Entertainment. The course is designed to open water divers, with the passion for underwater shooting, wanting to deepen video-shooting matters improving their technique.

At the end of the course the specialty “Digital Underwater Photography” will be issued together with an attestation of participation to the stage, signed by the Underwaterfilm.

The course and the deepening stage will be held by Fabio Bove director and executive producer of the television series “MISSIONE RELITTI “ and “BLU..” broadcast on SKY and on Terrestrial Digital TV Water Channel.

Professional Training Courses

Thanks to the co-operation with “Società Nazionale di Salvamento” in Bisceglie and with the voluntary organization “I Guardiani del Mare” we also arrange professional training courses for lifeguards as well as First Aid Operators and Basic Life Support Defibrillation (BLS-BLSD) according to the guidelines by IRC (Italian Resuscitation Council).


Moreover sailing courses are organized with weekly programs (5 meetings of 3 hours per day). Participants must be 18 years old (or more) and will be divided into 5 to 8 people groups. At the end of the course, after the final test, a “Helm” attestation will be issued.

Environmental Education

Torre Calderina natural oasis scuba diving instructors have been working for years as environmental educators and excursion guides at “Ophrys” EEC Environmental Education Centre managed by “Terrae” Study and Environmental Didactics Centre in Ruvo di Puglia. This Centre deals with protected area multi-discipline studies (such as karst phenomena, archaeology, flora, fauna and rural architecture) in Apulia throughout research, promotion and environmental education interventions.

At Villaggio Nettuno we are carrying on a new generations’ sensitisation campaign throughout lessons of environmental education about garbage, about the importance of making a correct separate collection and about home re-use of materials destined to recycling process. For a greater involvement of children, we arrange practical activity workshops following the “sea wave” that means using plastic material destined to recycling process, as well as beach and sea-bed cleaning campaigns with expert scuba divers who voluntarily dedicate time to improve our diving…Our personal contribution can make the difference.

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